sandwiches with sushi spread and other adds, zoom

Most people like sushi. If someone cannot stand it, that’s because of raw fish inside. Fortunately, vegans don’t eat fish, so their sushi is absolutely great.
Over the years, there was created a lot of sushi variations around the world, people started to make burgers with it, wraps, sandwiches. But nobody has invented a spread with sushi yet. Until now!
I hope, that you’ll like the recipe and you’ll surprise it everyone around you.

This photo also comes from my IG account. You can see sweet tempeh cream in its final form here.

The very first post on my blog should be special. That’s why I have for you something completely new on the internet all over the world.
Tempeh is a hero here.
It’s only fermented soya seeds, it contains a lot of protein, all of the necessary amino acids, whole lot vitamins, minerals, isoflavones, Omega-3 acids and – additionally – it is low-sodium, gluten-free, sugar-free, raw and has a low glycemic index.